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  segaclassics.de ist a site dedicated to fans and made by fans. In case you should notice any copyright violations, please drop us a short note.  

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We are still in urgent need of people willing to administrate certain sections (like the dreamcast). Except for having some talent in writing features, nothing is needed!
Also, we are always happy about contributions for missing covers, screenshots, cheats and trivia for particular titles.
Please feel free to send an eMail to redaktion-mail@segaclassics.de!


20.04.2004It's that time of year again....
20.04.2004segaclassics - new CMS (and now available in english!)
14.04.2004Pico-Section started

Last 10 Cheats contributed

22.01.2003Shen-Mue (Dreamcast)
20.01.200318 Wheeler (Dreamcast)
20.01.2003Daisenriyaku Strong Style (Saturn)
20.01.2003Enemy Zero (Saturn)
20.01.2003Guardian Heroes (Saturn)
16.01.2003Power Strike (Master System)
16.01.2003Musha Aleste (Mega Drive)
16.01.2003Insector X (Mega Drive)
16.01.2003Gleylancer (Mega Drive)
16.01.2003Spot goes to Hollywood (Mega Drive)

Listed games by system

Mega Drive95230166121
Master System372242414
Mega CD197202
32X CD6000
Game Gear304229

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Grading-System für Sega-Sammler
In den meisten Sammelgebieten ist man es gewohnt, bei der Beschreibung des Zustands von Ratings zu sprechen. Dieser Artikel versucht anhand von gebrauchten Mega Drive-Modulen zu erläutern, wie gebrauchte Videospiele einzuschätzen sein sollten.

100 seltene Mega Drive Module
Der erste Price Guide für MegaDrive-Spiele ist da! Lest den objektiven Bericht unserer Redaktion.

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We are always looking for people who want to write reports, reviews or features for segaclassics.com. If you are an expert on some topic related to Sega, or can provide us with missing covers, screenshots or cheats, please drop us an eMail:


Cover Frenzy  

Kaillera Netplay
Kaillera ermöglicht vielen Emulatoren, darunter auch dem MegaDrive-Emulator Gens, die Multiplayerfunktionalität übers Internet.

Screenshot Frenzy